NUDO is an original music duo made up of piano and drums that intends to investigate the possible sounds of its orchestration. The languages of jazz, contemporary music and free improvisation are articulated as influences within the ensemble, allowing an aesthetic identity of indeterminate contours between written and improvised music. Since their begginings in 2016 and throughout the consolidation of the band, the symbolic universe and the way of treating the composition intertwined with Argentine literature, 20th century avant-garde cinema and contemporary academic music.

The group has published two studio recorded albums La Ultima de las Burocracias (2018) released digitally through TVL REC label and presented online as an interactive website, and Inhabitante (2023) released digitally through Numeral label. They have also produced AWK (2023), an audiovisual session in studio as a result of their participation in Lyseloth Residence (Basel, CH).

Federico Isasti – Drums & Composition
Mariano Sarra – Piano & Composition